Network & Service

The Overview

Megatel network spans more than 100 countries in the world. The Customers may interconnect with Megatel service via VOIP or TDM. Our technical team combines state - of - the - art network management technology with around - the - clock dedicated staff to ensure the highest quality of service to Customers worldwide.

Today's telecommunications industry is a vast web of interconnected technologies. But the most important connection is the one between you and your customers, Consumers, the value low cost and a clear signal the when choosing a telecom provider. Our network provides the scale, efficiency, and innovation you need to deliver value to customers.


The Megatel network identifies The most cost - effective routes -based on real - time analysis of voice traffic loads, The availability, and pricing. The Core systems handle routing and pricing, automated billing, margin and revenue analysis, and The call detail record (CDR) processing. Our efficiency else you compete effectively and maximize The profitability of your international voice services.


Megatel offers who quality international voice service and Megatel network combines the an all - IP, next - generation architecture with TDM infrastructure to deliver a broad range of coverage and the features for fixed and mobile operators and retail end users. Megatel is always attempting to make our products better to meet the changing society and the customer needs.

Quality System

Megatel has developed quality system to monitor and maintain optimum communication quality. Quality control is a process not only involved in technology but also in methodology. Megatel is striving to pass its ISO 9001 certificate to improve its competitive advantages.

The Service

Megatel has experience interconnecting with wining 100 carriers worldwide, held the world 's largest telecom carriers to innovative and emerging will. Megatel can enhance the success of your international business with our unmatched portfolio of international voice, IP products and value added services.

The Security

Megatel 's Managed Network Services actively address the security of your Network. An industry - leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) and a Network Operations Center (NOC) staffed by experts scheme you can focus on your business while we keep you protected.